• Added color, texture, and dynamic content
  • CSS roll over for menu (no JavaScript)
  • Fluid layout (text & pictures) adapts to browser window
  • Text size adheres to browser's setting (use EM for all font-size)
  • Dyanmic Ajax (or rather Ajah) list using jQuery
  • Block highlighting using jQuery & CSS
  • Database search, ordering, and pagination
  • Session authentication for admin login
  • Database create, read, update, & delete (CRUD)
  • Valid XHTML 1.0 and CSS Level 2.1
  • Project will be used for ongoing site development

Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict Valid CSS!


The purpose of this project is to showcase a portfolio site. The content of the site will include information about me and information I have learned during this course. The site will demonstrate the understanding and skills that I've developed during the MET CS 601 - Web Application Development course. The core technical requirement for the dynamic site is database interactivity.

The site contains the features of a modern web site. It has a menu, with roll over effects, to navigate between the pages, which have a consistent appearance, and includes a wide range of content. Content is organized into multiple areas, including an About page for overview, a Blog page to provide text content, a Links page for my favorite links, and a Pictures page containing a few of my favorite snapshots. It also contains a Login page for administrative functionality

It is the Links page, and the associated summary list of links provided on the Blog page, which are the focus of this project. The links are maintained in a database. The site provides full Web based CRUD (create, read, update, and delete) capability for the list.

On the About, Blog, and Pictures page there is a list of links provided via Ajax. This summary list could be implement on many different pages and, potentially, on many different sites. If the user mouse over a link they will see a detailed description of the link. Clicking on a link will open the page in a new browser window.

The dynamic capability of the list it's ability to update content and order without having to edit the web page it is included on - or even reload the web page! As configured, this list will automatically re-order itself, with popular links rising to the top of the list (without, of course requiring a page reload).

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