City of Heroes

If you enjoyed reading comic books as a kid and day dreamed about being a super hero – or perhaps a super villain, then you just might get a kick out of the City of Heroes / City of Villains online game. It’s one of my guilty pleasures, to be able to log in after a tuff day at work, transform into my secret identity, and go forth and fight crime – or rob a bank or two (depending on the mood). The game is very open ended; you get to design your hero or villain from scratch and they develop by doing, getting more abilities and costume options as they progress in experience. There is also a very active community, and I’ve had a chance to chat with folks from all over the world. For more information, see www.coh.com.

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The www.worldtimeserver.com site allows one to customize a clock, for time zone and color at least, and copy the html code to embed in a web page. The browser must support shockwave flash files.


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AltaVista Enterprise Search

Chances are you've heard of AltaVista, Inc. in reference to the internet search site. If not, you can certainly find out about AltaVista, either by visiting the www.altavista.com site, checking out wikipedia, or even read the book AltaVista Search Revolution.

Chances are you haven't heard of the AltaVista enteprise group, a small business unit based out of Andover Ma. which productized the search technolog and created theAltaVista Search Engine V3 and later AV Enterprise Search V1 & V2 product lines. These products included a single node search engine application supporting crawling of Web, database, file systems, and email. However, the real power was the included SDK, which allowed 3rd party developers to integrate the AltaVista Search technology directly into their applications and services. This provided for a very tight, high performance, full text search ability. The SDK was used by many OEM and search centric customers.

Alas, AltaVista then parent company CMGi lacked the vision and ability on how to capitalize on the enterprise search market. Eventually the enterprise search group was sold off and product lines retired. Today AltaVista Enterprise Search products are no longer commercially available, though the technology may live on for quite a while in deployed applications.

For more information on the retired AltaVista Enteprise Search products click here

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